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Our Missions

Functioning as a specialized provider of scientific field services in extreme environments and also serving as a platform for scientific communication & outreach.


Scientific Expeditions

Science is at the heart of every expedition wich are designed to meet the needs of researchers.

  • Pioneer Expeditions - Committed Expeditions with with a broad media coverage in uncharted territories.

  • Signature Expeditions - Recurring expeditions anchored in long-term research projects.

  • Tailor-made Missions - On specific request.


Content creation & Communication

Production of content for each expedition

  • A wide range of content with powerful stories and images.

  • Diverse and varied creations based on unique expertise.

  • Content made available to scientific partners, sponsors, press & media.

  • Popularizing science and raising awareness on pressing issues via conferences, screenings, and workshops in schools and universities


Faire de l'art

Educational projects

Promoting STEM education by engaging young minds in hands-on workshops elaborated with our scientific partners and exposing them to real-world applications.


Cultivating their curiosity and critical thinking skills but also inspires them to pursue a STEM career.



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